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Leader in Volunteerland -Training for campleaders

Lviv, Ukraine, May 4-10, 2014

Call for Participants

Following the white rabbit down the hole to discover Volunteerland, tips and tricks for leadership in international youth and volunteer project

Workcamps have central place in the activities of SCI and Alliance, and each workcamp needs a campleader, or coordinator, or teamer, or groupleader. Names could be many, functions may vary – still, campleader is one of the keys to success of the workcamp. With the proposed training we aim to prepare campleaders in international atmosphere, discuss different aspects of workcamps and their preparation, international cooperation on international level, leadership, solving conflicts and other issues related to leading a camp. During the training, together we will make a trip through a workcamp – Volunteerland – based on practical experiences of participants and trainers.

Participants will learn about group dynamics and how to make Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Alice and the White Rabbit (and all other volunteers) best friends ever, understand own role and place as leader, discover practical survival tips during the fall through the rabbit hole to the Volunteerland, how to prepare the best Mad Tea Party ever and many other useful and funny things and facts about leading a workcamp.

Participants will also learn about online info resource for campleaders – campleader wiki, which will be completed with new materials from the training.

The training course is organized by SVIT-Ukraine with financial support of Youth in Action programme of the European Union.

The training will take place in Lviv, May 4th to 10th. Working language of the training course will be English.


The training is targeted at activists of SCI and Alliance organizations, who will be leading international volunteer workcamps or youth exchanges during the summer 2014, who already have experience of participating to a workcamp as a volunteer.

All costs concerning meals and accommodation as well as the program and materials will be fully covered for the whole duration of the training. The participation fee for CIS participants is 25 Euros, for ‘new’ EU countries is 30 Euro, and for ‘old’ EU countries – 35 Euro.

Travel costs will be reimbursed 70%. Please consider impact at environment, while planning your travel.

The program will include the following topics:

  • Role and place of workcamps, international cooperation
  • Responsibilities of different sides involved in a workcamp
  • Leadership and group-dynamics, decision-making in the group, understanding own role as leader and own leadership style
  • Intercultural communication and learning in a workcamp, how to organize intercultural learning beyond tradigional international evening
  • Practical arrangements, workcamp program, games and other activities, study part
  • Self-organization of the group, delegating responsibilities
  • Conflicts and emergency situations, how to prevent and solve, assertive communication and non-violent communication
  • Workshops on peace issues, environmental sustainability or other potential study part topics, promotion of workcamp or other, depending on proposals and interest of the participants

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