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We’re back :)

6539_586418764703604_1208365259_nAfter a short pause to rethink our strategies and recharge our batteries , SCI-RO is back with a fresh perspective and lots of energy. For this summer we are organizing a camp in Teisani, a small village where the volunteers will work with children to study the evolution of modern humanity and to also try to preserve the local history by encouraging local initiatives. Keep an eye on our facebook page for more information.

This year there are over 750 international workcamps taking place all over the world waiting for your application. If you’re thinking of spending your summer holiday doing something different, challenging your limits and making the world a better place, visit, look up a topic and a country that fits your preferences and contact our Placement Officer (Cristina) at She will happily guide you through  your application process.

We are looking forward to your applications!

Have a great summer!

The SCI-RO team