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Rosia Montana needs YOU this year, too! 28 July- 10 August 2014

On July 28th, 2014, SCI Romania starts the 3rd edition of the workcamp in Rosia Montana, aiming to continue the specific restoration of traditional houses, churches or parks. 
Rosia Montana Workcamp 2013Rosia Montana Workcamp 2013

Rosia Montana is a well preserved mining village located in Transylvania, in the heart of the Apuseni Mountains. Rosia Montana hosts unique archeological vestiges, dating back from Roman and medieval times, such as roman and medieval mining galleries as well as specific industrial landscape works from medieval and modern times. The universal historical value of Rosia Montana has received recognition from numerous NGOs, scientists and researchers who have proposed the site to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

What is really specific here? Since over 10 years, Rosia Montana has been endangered by a large scale open pit gold mining operation. Most of its vestiges, as well as its very special features such as churches, cemeteries and historical monuments would be destroyed by the mining project proposed. The project implies the involuntary resettlement of the local community. Last fall, people around Romania been out on the streets, protesting against the project for several months.

The workcamp is held under the “Adopt a House” initiative, a cultural program that aims to help the local people in their resistance against the threat by the gold mining.

Coming here you will be able to explore and enjoy amazing picturesque natural surroundings, visit roman galleries and the other mining sites or museums. Get in contact with local families which refuse to leave their legacy behind, defending a common heritage. You will learn about cultural preservation, cultural and environmental impacts of large scale mining. You will also see the biggest social movement in Romania, called Save Rosia Montana. Furthermore, if you feel really close to Rosia Montana movement you will be able to stay for a couple of more days to visit the FanFest music festival in aid of Save Rosia Montana campaign (

If you are brave enough to come and join us, then you are going to sleep in tent (please bring your own waterproof tent and warm sleeping bag) at local farms and serve meals collectively. Furthermore, you will work with us on: repairs on supporting walls, preparing traditional lime mortars – crushing material and mixing, caulking the stonework on the church ahead of the plaster work, some masonry, building support for floors in the house etc. After your hard work you will for sure be able to use showers to feel comfortable (toilets will also be available).

So, if you find this activity interesting for you and you have quite enough spare time to take part then don’t hesitate and apply for it here:

Here are the steps on how to apply:
1. Register on site
2. Apply from the page of the project:
3. During the application process you have to fill in the motivation letter
4. On the final step before submission you are informed that you have to read the information about payment on the site of your local SCI department
5. After you apply, you need your application be approved by your local SCI department

All we ask is strong motivation for physical work and curiosity to learn about heritage conservation, restoration and environment protection. But we will be happy if you would also come with enthusiasm meeting new people and working in an inter-cultural context.